Liebherr T 282 C

Liebherr T 282 C – The monstrous mining Dump Truck

The Liebherr T 282 C is an ultra-class dump truck designed and manufactured by Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. in 2010.  The heavy-duty truck was first unveiled in April 2010, Germany, at Bauma Trade Fair, Munich. The combination of a superpower diesel engine with an effective Litronic Plus AC drive system to increase productivity with minimum fuel consumption makes the T 282 C the perfect dump truck for mining industries.

Liebherr T 282 C

In 2010, a record 105.8 million tons of coal was shipped by North Antelope Rochelle Mine (NARM). In those days coal was transported at NARM by truck and shovel method. Considering the annual shipment levels and the recoverable tonnage available, a considerable fleet of equipment was necessary to maintain current production.  

In 2008 discussion stated to replace the smaller dump trucks with T282 C mining trucks. Peabody Energy ( Parent company of NARM ) chose to build a fleet of Liebherr T 282 C mining trucks at NARM to achieve increased productivity goals. Now in the Powder River Basin, nearly 40 such mining trucks are operating presently. Peabody Energy began replacing its smaller mining trucks with T 282 C models in 2010. 14 trucks were sent to NARM, and after four months the number of T 282 C was doubled at the mining site.

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With the ratio of maximum payload capacity to the empty vehicle weight, the T 282 C does more work for fewer resources spent on its operation. Thus proving its productivity while maintaining a low cost per ton because of its versatile design and operation features.

The T282 C mining truck is powered by an MTU 20 V 4000 C22 V20 engine giving a maximum output of 2.722 KW or 3650 horsepower with a displacement of 90 L that is equal to 5,500 Cubic inches. The ultra high-class dump truck has a front-engine configuration with water-cooled turbo charges & rear-wheel drive system. With the monstrous engine power, the truck has a top speed of 34 miles per hour that is equal to 54 kilometers per hour. This makes the truck perfect for the mining industry as the lead time drastically reduces giving more productivity in less time with minimum consumption of fuel.

T 282 C

Along with super mechanical features, the dump truck has excellent high tech technological features like intelligent ground fault warning & detection system, flexible monitoring, real-time fault warning & diagnosis system with an integrated 12-inch color touch screen display in the cabin compartment which smartly displays fuel consumption status, truck status & payload warnings. Also, it has comfortable air ride seats with three-point seat belts for protection.

Specifications :

Gross Machine Operating Weight – 600 tons
Payload capacity – 400 tons
Overall height – 8.31 m
Overall height ( body raised ) – 15 m
Overall length – 15.70 m
Overall width – 9.68 m
Fuel Capacity – 5352.5 liters
Wheelbase – 7.29 m
Tyre Size – 56/80R63 or 59/80R63

T 282 C is an off-highway heavy-duty vehicle along with its enormous size and weight it cannot run on public roads, hence it becomes very difficult to transport the new beast to their respective customer. Due to this problem, the Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. assembles the entire machine at the customer’s site. All the components are shipped to the customer’s site where the final assembly of the machine takes place.

The price of the T 282 C varies between $ 4 to 5 Million depending on customers’ requirements such as specifications & quantity ordered.


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