Agera RS

Koenigsegg Agera RS

Koenigsegg Agera RS is a sports car designed and manufactured by Swedish Luxury sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The Agera RS pushes all the boundaries of performance and takes the AGERA model line-up to the next new levels. The Luxury sports car was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. Agera RS was developed with an intention for track however it is still perfect for regular commercial use.

Agera RS red

It is an advanced version of Agera R & also uses the technological features of its predecessor Koenigsegg One:1. It is a combination of Agera R, Agera S, and One:1 with enhanced technological features & performance. However, the production of the Agera RS has limited to only 25 units and the last car rolled off the production was in April 2018.


The company also permits the customization of the Agera RS by the owners & some of the customized variants of the car are Agera RSR, Agera RS Gryphon, Agera RS Draken, Agera RS Naraya, Agera RS1, and Agera RS ML. Also, there is an option for customers to choose for 1 MW engine that produces a power output of 1341 Hp.

In October 2017, Agera RS made a record of reaching 0-400-0 km/h (0-249-0 mph) in just 36.44 seconds which is 5.56 seconds faster than the record set by Bugatti Chiron & later in November 2017 it broke its record by 2.57 seconds.


The body of the car is made of carbon fiber & Kevlar with lightweight reinforcements & synthetic material. It’s a two-door, two-seater car with provision for the top roof to be removed.

Agera RS

The aerodynamics of the car is precisely designed to give stability on the ground with perfect dynamically active rear wings and independent front flaps. The downforce of the car at 250 Km/h is 485 Kg.

Koenigsegg Agera RS

The chassis is made up of aluminum & carbon fiber along with the integrated fuel tank. It weighs approximately 70 kg including the fuel tank structure. The front & back suspension is of double wishbone type with carbon fiber rear upper wishbones. To withstand the shocks, the car is provided with an electronically adjustable gas-hydraulics shock absorber. The ride height can be adjusted electronically per wheel.


The Koenigsegg Agera RS is powered by a 5.0L V8 twin-turbo engine with a bore of 92 mm and stroke 95.25 mm, compression ratio being 9.3:1. The engine lubrication is of dry ump type. The engine gives a maximum power output of 1160 Hp (865 Kw) 7800 rpm & a maximum torque of 1280 Nm at 4100 Rpm. The engine is provided with high tech sensors & Koenigsegg designed twin ceramic ball bearing turbocharges with a patented back pressure reduction system with turbo geometry. The total weight of the engine is 189 Kg. The engine health & performance is monitored by the Koenigsegg Engine Control module. Option for 1 MW engine is available for customers.


The gearbox control module is designed by Koenigsegg with 7-speed paddle shifts with auto-shift mode. The steering is of rack & pinion type with hydro-electric power assistance & three driving modes of Wet, Normal & Track. The turning circle is 11 meters.

open doors


Along with the quality design & performance, the safety of the car & passengers is not compromised as the Koenigsegg has provided dual airbags, carbon-ceramic brakes with sport ABS, power brakes, digital warning & info system. The electronic stability of the car is looked after by the Koenigsegg designed Electronic Stability Control (KES).

The front brake is provided with ventilated ceramic discs of 397 mm diameter consisting of 40 mm 6-pistons with Koenigsegg calipers while the rear brakes are too provided with 380 mm diameter with 34 mm 4-piston with Koenigsegg calipers. The brakes are Power-assisted.

Agera RS back view

Wheels & tires

The wheels are made up of super-light hollow carbon fiber wheels with center locking & have the dimension of

Wheels – Front – 19” x 9.5”

Rear – 20” x 12.5’

Tires – Front – 265/35 – 19” (Y)

Rear – 345/30 – 20” (Y)


Length4293 mm
Width2050 mm
Height1120 mm
Low-speed ground clearance105 mm
Track mode ground clearance85 mm
Wheel Base2662 mm
Fuel Capacity82 Liters
Luggage Compartment150 Liters
Dry Weight1295 Kg
Curb Weight1395 Kg

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