A super-sports vehicle made with a solitary reason, the Huracán STO conveys all the vibe and innovation of a certified race vehicle in the legitimate street model.

Lamborghini’s years-long motorsport skill, increased by a triumphant legacy, is moved in the new Huracán STO. Its outrageous streamlined features, track-sharpened dealing with elements, lightweight substance, and the highest performing V10 motor to date meet up, prepared to trigger all the course feelings in your regular day to day existence.


A lightweight methodology and useful plan join to communicate unadulterated execution. While its forms could even be much the same as the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, the Huracán STO highlights a totally amended shape that enhances the vehicle’s streamlined features, while utilizing carbon fiber in extra than 75% of the body boards. especially , the Cofango—a specially designed body component that comes with the front hood and fenders—maximizes frontal aerodynamic performance while saving weight.
The overall effect is an instantaneous sense of racing excitement.


The interior features an equivalent track-minded approach, using lightweight, high-quality materials throughout—most notably carbon fiber. Highlighted in the entryway boards, inside subtleties, seats and floor tangles, this creative and unmistakable material offers a super-sports look that consummately supplements the vehicle’s fine Alcantara and Carbon Skin completes for added execution pizazz and utilitarian style.

While reviewing the Huracán EVO, within arrangements of the new Huracán STO add to a general weight decrease contrasted with the past model. close by extra highlights like a substitution trim and titanium move bar with 4-point safety belts, the top outcome evokes the inclination and character of genuine dashing from the moment you drag the wheel.


Listen to the highest-performing, naturally aspirated V10 engine so far. It unleashes 640 CV and roars sort of a real racer. Racing attitude in position.


A hustling enlivened plan that honors the Lamborghini motorsport legacy converges with extraordinary streamlined features for platform class execution.



Every racer requires extreme aerodynamics and to realize that level of performance on the new road-legal Huracán STO, Lamborghini has used all its racing experience.

At the front, a splitter distributes airflow to enhance the car’s aerodynamic lift , while air ducts on the hood generate front downforce and louvers increase the outgoing airflow to scale back pressure within the wheelhouse and further increase downforce.

At the rear, a shark fin improves the dynamic behavior of the car especially when cornering, an air scoop keeps the rear under hood temperature cool and a rear diffuser maintains the correct level of rear downforce. The back wing is intended to get the predefined streamlined features downforce increment and restricted drag, while its opened plan including three physically movable positions upgrades the vehicle’s hustling feel by permitting the main impetus to adjust the front air equilibrium to suit diverse driving styles.



At its heart is that the special CCMR carbon-ceramic brake disc, developed by Brembo and derived from Formula 1 racing. Rarely used on road cars, here the CCMR disc has been combined with track tires, a better aerodynamic load and a fanatical brake cooling system. To further enhance braking confidence, the pedal has been slightly lengthened to make sure greater reactivity and together these elements offer an interesting level of braking consistency altogether driving conditions and an exclusive sensation of safe driving.


As the mission behind the arranging of the new Huracán STO is to ingrain a hustling disposition into a road legitimate super vehicle, the watchword has consistently been “lightweight”. Every single component has been meticulously researched to possess the simplest racing performance, with an optimum weight-to-power ratio.

This has implied utilizing solid, super light carbon fiber body boards and receiving, for certain components, an innovation created by the airplane business – “sandwich” – to decrease weight. Then there is the racing-style Alcantara upholstery, a 30% lighter windshield, new magnesium rims, reduced soundproofing and a titanium rear arch.


As Lamborghini has applied to its design all the skills gained from its Squadra Corse greats. A ground-breaking 5.2-liter V10 motor that creates a yield of 640 CV and a greatest force of 565 Nm.

This offers the absolute best motor yield for track dashing, which is then joined with a finely tuned quickening agent reaction. The degree of execution is striking: increasing speed from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h in 9.0 seconds, and a maximum velocity of 310 km/h. An unforgettable driving experience that’s enhanced by the engine’s responsive racing feel, direct pedal-to-throttle tuning and increased sound sharpness at high revs. This is often pure power.


To offer new statures of execution and consequently the impression of driving a genuine racer, Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) has been supplanted on the Huracán STO with a rigid and more straightforward directing proportion and three new exceptional driving modes: STO, TROFEO and PIOGGIA.


With Lamborghini Connected Telemetry, the driving experience on the track will be significantly more fun. You get helpful information on the way to improve while behind the wheel. It analyzes the performance achieved intimately with the UNICA app, turning your smartphone into your personal track engineer.

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