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Airbus A340-300 – Ruling the Skies Since 1991

The Airbus A340-300 is a commercial jet airliner developed and produced by Airbus, a European aerospace agency. Airbus launched A340-300 jet in June 1987 and took its maiden flight in October 1991. The A340-300 came into service with the launch of airline companies Lufthansa and Air France in March 1993.

airbus a340-300 image
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The Airbus A340-300 is a long-range wide-body passenger airliner, the first long-range jet by Airbus. Airbus A340-300 has a low cantilever wing with two engines powered by four Turbofan CFMI having 150 KN thrust jet engines on each wing. Thus, giving a well-distributed weight & lower wing root bending moment allowing for more range. Four Turbofan engines allow for a maximum cruising speed of 915 km/hr and a maximum flight range of 13,500 kilometers.

Airbus a340-300

The Airbus A340-300 features an entry lounge sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and several sitting areas and also includes a lavish dining room equipped with luxuriant leather chairs. One such private jet is owned by Russian billionaire business magnate Alisher Usmanov. The aircraft of the philanthropist & investor is larger than Russian President Vladimir Putin’s private jet as per reports.


The A340 business jet is perfect for long haul charter flights and large groups or high amounts of cargo. This jet also features up to 100 lie-flat seats and inflight Wi-fi.

The Airbus 340-300 has never been involved in any air accidents or fatal incidents, although there have been minor hull losses. But as of 2019, there is no accident reported with this aircraft. As of July 2018, 96 Airbus A340-300 jets are serving the airlines and private owners

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It can hold large cargo beneath the main deck with industry-standard side by sideloading. Everyone flying in this jet can enjoy the extra personal space available in the wide-body twin-aisle cabin.

With a wide variety of possible customized interiors, wider seats & options for inflight entertainment there is a lot of comfort for the passengers & can settle in with peace all along the journey. Because of its superb level of comfort, extra wide space and long-range capacity everyone can reach refreshed to their destinations relaxed. And because of its high-tech technology & comfort specifications, Airbus A340-300 continues to be the popular aircraft for both the businesses and passengers.

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Dimensions of Airbus A340-300

Overall Length 63.69 mtr Max Ramp Weight 244.40 Tonnes
Cabin Length 5.35 mtrMax Take-off weight 276.50 Tonnes
Wing Span 60.30 mtrMax Landing Weight 192 Tonnes
Fuselage Width 5.64 mtrMax Zero fuel Weight 183 Tonnes
Max Cabin Width 5.28 mtrTrack 10.69 mtr
Height 16.99 mtrWheel Base 25.60 mtr
Source : Airbus

However, the interior dimensions may vary depending on the interior customization for private jets according to the customer needs & requirements. Airbus announced to end the production of A340 in November 2011.

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